Kinsey + Daniel

Kinsey + Daniel are crazy cute, amirite or amirite? They wanted a downtown engagement shoot, and told me they wanted to show off Detroit’s architecture. Well hellooooo there. If you know me, I’m all about clean lines, and I love anything Mid Century or Art Deco. Those angles just get me every time. We hit Wayne State’s campus to see the McGregor Memorial Conference Center, which never disappoints. Tried not to freeze on the top of the Z Lot. And then warmed up (and ducked out of the rain!) at The Apparatus Room, Detroit Foundation Hotel’s slammin’ restaurant. (Do people still say slammin…?) And who knew slightly dirty stairwells could have such nice light?

The photos below are my favorites from all the locations. You’ve got some Mid Century, some skyline, and some Edison bulbs. Can it get better? Oy vey.


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