2017 Favorites

Well you guys, we did it. We finished out another year. Who can believe 2018 is just hours away?

The photos below are some of my favorites from all my weddings, family sessions, we-got-a-dog sessions (more of these please), and engagement sessions. Not all of the photos are what you might expect to see in a blog post like this. They aren’t my favorites because they’re perfectly posed/shot/focused/with smiles plastered on people’s faces. These are the photos that stuck with me this year. Some are because of the laughter. Some because of the light. And some because they just hit me in the feels for whatever reason. These are the ones that show real life peeking through as a reminder that not everyone is perfect. Our lives aren’t and can’t be perfectly curated and edited like Instagram allows us to believe.

Thank you to all my couples & families who allowed me to come into their lives this year. I am so hashtag blessed to know each and every one of your sweet faces and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. To my upcoming couples, let’s do the dang thang.

Cheers to showing who we really are; to laughing till our faces hurt; to traveling the globe, making new friends, and having more tacos.

Cheers to 2018 and all the adventure it holds!


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