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About Erin

I’m not a huge fan of talking about myself. But if I’m going to ask you to be real with me, I’m gonna be real with you.

I first picked up a real camera in high school. I saved up my money and bought the best DSLR I could afford, which still definitely wasn’t the best, to be honest. I’ve always loved people watching, so capturing raw emotion and genuine JOY brought me great joy. I decided to pursue wedding photography and totally found my niche. I take documenting love very seriously, even though I’m totally not a serious person. I love Jesus, stupid movies, Parks and Rec (I named my Jeep Burt Macklin), and being barefoot. Pour over coffee is my jam, even though I don’t actually know much about it. I just need the caffeine because mom life. I’m married to Sam and have the cutest nugget baby boy (he’s two, but he’s always my baby), Jack.
I have a laid back approach to shooting. I shoot with available light for the most part, and absolutely love outdoor weddings. My favorite moments tend to be the in between stuff. I don’t always want your dress perfectly fluffed, or you smiling straight at my camera (though we will get some of those shots for your parents). The best photos happen when you’re being you and I’m being me.So let’s meet up for coffee or drinks and get to know one another! I can’t wait to find out what makes you tick.